UMCOR's in-kind supplies come from United Methodist communities and friends in America who assemble kits and send donations to the Sager Brown warehouse in Baldwin, Louisiana. At the warehouse, volunteers then inspect the kits and pack them into boxes. Finally, staff and volunteers work together to load the boxes onto containers. These are subsequently dispatched to locations throughout the world, including Armenia.

Since 1995, UMCOR Armenia has received in-kind donations, which it then passes on to poor, vulnerable people. Blankets, clothes, shoes, hygiene kits (tooth brush and paste, soap, wash cloth, etc.), layette, sewing kits (cloth, thread, needle, scissors, etc.) and school kits (pen/pencils, paper, erasers, scissors, ruler, etc.) have found their way to thousands of Armenian families, orphanages, boarding schools, nursing homes and institutions for physically and mentally handicapped.

Often the distribution is organized with the assistance of local charities, which distribute the goods to their target groups. Some of these local charities or humanitarian assistance organizations include Peace Corps of America, Talin Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Future is Yours, American Child, Human in Bondage, Orran, Light of Life, Armenian Camp, etc. Supplies are donated to local charities and organizations as available.